Cellulose Fiber Factory

Cellulose Fiber Factory, KSA–Riyadh is a first factory in the Middle East which produce Cellulose Fiber from natural and recycled materials. Our product contains minimum of 75% cellulose for using in variety building materials such as dry mortar products, paste products, asphalt products and other industrials. This fiber can also be formulated to meet the specific needs of customers in any respect from actual particle size distribution to bag size and weight.


Cellulose Fiber


Insoluble in water and organic solvents & Natural raw materials & Large products range for various applications (white, gray and special product for thermal insulation) Fiber length up to 3000 microns Amnest website.


dry mortar products such as tile glue, tile grouts , colored plaster, ordinary and thick plaster , Paints and emulsions , Road marking paints , Thermal insulation Welding electrodes , Gypsum based jointing compound ,Paste products. , Leather industry.


Product is filled in plastic bags and doesn’t discharge air from it to keep cellulose fiber is non-conglomerate and reduce the moisture content. In addition the spread of cellulose fiber during use let it is better..

Most important functions

Improve theology and workability , Viscosity control , Increase compressive strength resistant , Improve slump resistant.

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